Curriculum Vitae

Rabbi Adam Chalom, Ph.D.

2100 Half Day Road, Deerfield, IL  60015
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as of February, 2021


    Ph.D., University of Michigan, Near Eastern Studies Department, Hebrew and Jewish Cultural Studies Concentration, April 2005. Dissertation title: “Modern Midrash: Jewish Identity and Literary Creativity.”
    Rabbinic Ordination, International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism, October 2001.
    M.A., University of Michigan, Near Eastern Studies, Hebrew and Jewish Cultural Studies Concentration, June 1999.
    B.A., Yale University, Judaic Studies, 1997. Graduated Cum Laude with honors in major.

Professional Experience

2004-               Rabbi, Kol Hadash Humanistic Congregation, Highland Park, IL
2007-               Dean – North America, International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism, Farmington Hills, MI
2004-2007       Assistant Dean, International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism, Farm. Hills, MI
2001-2004       Rabbi, The Birmingham Temple, Farmington Hills, MI
2000-2004       Assistant to the Dean, International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism
1999-2001       Assistant Rabbi, The Birmingham Temple
1998-2000       Graduate Student Instructor, University of Michigan
1996-1999       Rabbinic Intern, The Birmingham Temple
1994-1997       Assistant to Judaica Curator, Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University

Selected Publications – Books

     “Who Am I, That I Should Confront Pharaoh?” in Who by Plague: High Holiday Sermons from COVID-19 Times (ed. Rabbi Oren Steinitz, HaMotzi Press, 2021).
“Massechet BB – Beyond
 Binaries” in Nondenominational Judaism: Perspectives on Pluralism and Inclusion in 21st Century Jewish Professional Education (Ben Yehuda Press, 2020).
and Afterword, Judaism Beyond God by Sherwin T. Wine (IISHJ, 2017).
    “Humanistic Judaism” in The Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception (De Gruyter), 2016.
    “Humanistic Judaism and Secular Spirituality” in Phil Zuckerman, ed. Religion: Beyond Religion. Part of the Macmillan Interdisciplinary Handbooks: Religion series. Macmillan Reference USA, 2016.
    “Understanding a ‘Religious’ Western Democracy: Israel and Its Complexities” in Theism and Public Policy: Humanist Perspectives and Responses (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014).
    Editor, Introduction and Afterword, A Provocative People: A Secular History of the Jews by Sherwin T. Wine (IISHJ, 2012).
    Editor, Introduction and contributor, Jews and the Muslim World: Solving the Puzzle – Selected Proceedings from Colloquium 2007 (IISHJ, 2010).
    “Beyond Apikorsut: A Judaism for Secular Jews” in Zvi Gitelman, ed. Religion or Ethnicity? Jewish Identities in Evolution (Rutgers University Press, 2009).
    Introduction to Secular Humanistic Judaism: Part III – Philosophy of Secular Humanistic Judaism(IISHJ, 2009).
    “Foreword in Muraskin, Bennett. Humanist Readings in Jewish Folklore (Farmington Hills, MI: Milan Press and IISHJ, new paperback edition 2008). Also reprinted in Canadian Jewish Outlook.
    Introduction to Secular Humanistic Judaism: Part II – Jewish Culture (IISHJ, 2007).
    “For Further Reading” {English Bibliography} in Judaism in a Secular Age: An Anthology of Secular Humanistic Jewish Thought (ed. Kogel and Katz – paperback reprint), pp389-407.
    “To Destroy and to Build: The Balance of Creativity and Continuity” in Cohn-Sherbok, Cook, Rowens eds. A Life of Courage: Sherwin Wine and Humanistic Judaism (IIISHJ, 2003), pp103-111.
    Introduction to Secular Humanistic Judaism: Part I – Jewish History (IISHJ, 2002).

Selected Publications – Periodicals

“‘Blessed Are You, World:’ Can Poetry Replace Prayer for Humanistic Jews?” in Humanistic Judaism Magazine, Winter 2021, p18-19.
“A Journey Through Hanukkah” in Humanistic JudaismFall 2020
Intermarriage Agony? Been There, Past That” in The Jewish Forward, July 2017
What About ‘Interfaithless’ Marriage?” in eJewishPhilanthropy, January 2017
“Why Be Anything? And Why Be Jewish?” in Humanistic Judaism, 2017 no. 1 (also appeared in Jewish Currents (Autumn 2017).
“My Strength is in Me, and in You” in Humanistic Judaism2016 no. 1.
It’s Not All or Nothing” in The Jewish Forward, June 20, 2015.
Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow” on Grief Beyond Belief blog, October 2014.
When Life Seems Too Much, We Are the Most Human” on Grief Beyond Belief blog, September 2014.
Judaism for Humanistic JewsHumanistic Judaism, vol. XLII no. 3-4, Summer/Autumn 2014.
The Birmingham Temple: Our ShammesHumanistic Judaism, vol. XXXXII no. 1-2, Winter/Spring 2014.
The History and Future of Secular Government: Review of How to Be SecularHumanistic Judaism, vol. XXXXII no. 1-2, Winter/Spring 2014.
Food is as Jewish as FastingHumanistic Judaism, vol. XXXXI no. 3-4, Summer/Autumn 2013.
Intermarriage: From Oy Vey to Mazel Tov!Humanistic Judaism, vol. XXXXI no. 3-4, Summer/Autumn 2013.
Humanistic Jewish Parenting: Theory and RealityHumanistic Judaism, vol. XXXX no. 4/vol. xxxxi no. 1-2, Autumn 2012/Winter-Spring 2013.
“The Challenge and Promise of Secular Jewish Education” Humanistic Judaism vol. XXXIX no. 4/vol. XXXX no. 1, Autumn 2011/Winter 2012.
“Creation and Re-Creation” Humanistic Judaism, vol. XXXVIII no.4/vol. XXXIX no.1, Autumn 2010/Winter 2011.
The Many Voices of Secular Judaism” in Secular Culture and Ideas (online journal} March 2011. Originally at
Strength From Humanism in the Face of Death” in The Shofar newsletter, December 2010.
Ashamnu – We Have Been Guilty: Guilt and Yom Kippur” Humanistic Judaism, vol. XXXVII no. 3/vol. XXXVIII no. 1, Summer 2009 – Winter 2010.
Contributor to “The Seeker” Religion Blog, – 2009-2012.
“The Advantages of a Congregation” Jewish Currents, vol. 64 no. 1, Autumn 2009.
“Humanistic Judaism and Sherwin Wine – the ‘Other Wing’ of the Jewish Secular Movement” Jewish Currents, vol. 63 no. 3, May/June 2009. Reposted on my own blog here.
Are there Jewish Values?Humanistic Judaism, vol. XXXVII no. 1-2, Winter/Spring 2009.
“Secular Passover Values” in Secular Culture and Ideas {online journal}  April 2009.
Nishma v’Naase: Let Us Hear and Let Us Do” Humanistic Judaism, vol. XXXVI no. 4, Autumn 2008.
“Passover: An Evolving Holiday” in Secular Culture and Ideas {online journal} April 2008.
 “Our Quarterback, Our King: Two Problems with Liberal TheologyHumanistic Judaism, vol. XXXV 3-4, Summer/Autumn 2007.
“Should Humanists Read the Torah?” Humanistic Judaism, Vol. XXXIV no. 4/ Vol. XXXV no. 1, Autumn 2006-Winter 2006.
“Dealing with the ‘God’ Question” Humanistic Judaism, vol. XXXII, no. 3-4, Summer/Autumn 2004.
“The Risks of Openness” The Orchard (United Jewish Communities Rabbinic Cabinet), Fall 2003.
“Serving our Non-Jewish Members,” Humanistic Judaism, vol. XXXI no. 2-3, Spring-Summer 2003.
“In the Language of Human Beings,” Humanistic Judaism, vol. XX, no. 1, Winter 2002.
“Triumph and the Seeds of Tragedy,” Detroit Jewish News, December 2001.
“The Ethics of Evolution,” Humanistic Judaism, vol. XVIII, no3, Summer 2000.
“A Humanistic Approach to Midrash,” Humanistic Judaism, vol. XXVII, no. 4, 1999.
“The High Holidays,” Humanistic Judaism, vol. XXVII, no. 3, 1999.
“Understanding Humanism,” Detroit Jewish News, November 1998.

Professional Associations

Member, Chicago Board of Rabbis (2009-present)
Executive Committee, Association of Humanistic Rabbis
Editorial Board, Humanistic Judaism
Advisory Council, The Humanist Institute
Member, The Humanist Society
Member, Michigan Board of Rabbis (2002-2004)


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    Extremely provocative in these times of uncertainty

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