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Old Challenges Anew – High Holidays 5780/2019

Jewish history and the human experience have been full of difficult moments: disasters, persecutions, suffering. What have we learned to survive, and how can that help us face today’s challenges? Continue reading

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Here and There – Yom Kippur Morning 5779

The smaller the world gets, the harder it is to live together. Some would abolish all borders and barriers, while others would raise them higher. As America builds walls, as Israelis and “Diaspora” Jews grow farther apart, we grapple with complex identities: individuals, Americans, part of the Jewish family, and human beings. Can we feel connected to “here” and “there”, rather than choosing one or the other? Continue reading

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“Bad Jews” – Yom Kippur 5778/2017

What would happen if we never called others (or labeled ourselves) “Bad Jews”? Continue reading

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Chumanistic Chanukkah

I’ve written before about the importance of studying, teaching, and celebrating real Jewish history, and this is especially important when it’s time for Hanukkah. As this year’s festival of lights closes, it seems to me that every year an article … Continue reading

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