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Yaakov Malkin – A Tribute

Many parents have only a few children. A great teacher has many children, because the teacher’s students become teachers themselves, sharing wisdom even wider. Continue reading

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Old Challenges Anew – High Holidays 5780/2019

Jewish history and the human experience have been full of difficult moments: disasters, persecutions, suffering. What have we learned to survive, and how can that help us face today’s challenges? Continue reading

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Humanist Patriotism

Humanist patriotism can be complicated. Continue reading

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Tree of Life

The Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh contains multitudes…. Continue reading

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Then and Now – Yom Kippur Memorial 5779

The present becomes past very quickly – it is shocking to find what we think of as current events in a history book. Yet sometimes time collapses and past becomes present, especially when we remember deep connections. The perspective we gain on intimate loss provides consolation when then becomes now again. Continue reading

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Here and There – Yom Kippur Morning 5779

The smaller the world gets, the harder it is to live together. Some would abolish all borders and barriers, while others would raise them higher. As America builds walls, as Israelis and “Diaspora” Jews grow farther apart, we grapple with complex identities: individuals, Americans, part of the Jewish family, and human beings. Can we feel connected to “here” and “there”, rather than choosing one or the other? Continue reading

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Good and Evil – Yom Kippur Evening 5779

In a post-modern, post-revelation world, defining good and evil is challenging and yet necessary. Can we admit when we have done wrong, and can we accept when our opponents do right? What is an honest difference of opinion, and what is truly evil that must be resisted? Continue reading

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