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Thoughts on Memorial Day

How might Humanist clergy offer an “invocation” and “closing blessing” for a public celebration of Memorial Day? Continue reading

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Doing Jewish

Should we stop talking about “being Jewish,” and instead focus on “doing Jewish?” Continue reading

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Being Traditional

I sometimes wonder if people really know what “tradition” means. They tell me they want a “traditional” Jewish wedding, or they say in their family’s Jewish life they “keep the traditions” – but they almost never mean they follow kosher … Continue reading

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“It’s All For the Best” – Nizkor 2017

What do we say if we know, deep in our hearts, that this death was not “all for the best”? Continue reading

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Embracing Complexity

This post first appeared in The Shofar newsletter of Kol Hadash Humanistic Congregation in November 2017 Did you know that the largest organization in the world that supports the teaching of evolution and opposes the death penalty is the Catholic Church? Political … Continue reading

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A Culture of Blessing

What positives can Secular Humanistic Jews distill from the traditional culture of blessing? Continue reading

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“We’re Number One!” – Yom Kippur 5778/2017

This post was originally delivered as a Yom Kippur sermon at Kol Hadash Humanistic Congregation in 2017/5778 as part of a series entitled “Forbidden Phrases for the New Year.” You can hear audio of the sermon through the Kol Hadash Podcast or directly here. Why do … Continue reading

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